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Home Automation

Our professionals will install a Lightwave hub that will allow you to control your entire home wherever you are from one App. Every dimmer, socket, radiator valve, relay and sensor the possibilities are endless. Choose the products that suit you or give us a call for some advice or a free evaluation. Once you have decided on what option is suitable for you our technicians will be happy to install the system at your premises.

What is it?

Using the LightwaveRF App, a Wirefree Switch, Handheld Remote or Scene Controller you can control your powered devices independently, or control them together by linking them to one button. You can also use a preset ‘scene’ just like with lighting.

Why do I need it?

Linking appliances to one button or using a ‘scene’ provides a very convenient way to control all of your powered devices or lamps at once. The ‘all off’ button is a great way to turn off all appliances when you leave the room; for instance when going to bed. You can use our stylish retrofit 13A sockets to achieve this, or Plug-in sockets than are ready to go in seconds.

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